Benefits of Clean Bedding

Nothing beats a sweet slumber on your cosy bed after a long tiring day comes to an end. As you lie in bed, ask yourself this: When was the last time you cleaned the sheets? Hate to burst your bubble, but you may be sleeping on a hotbed of germs! Don’t feel bad for not remembering, because many people do not wash their bedding regularly. The rule of thumb is to get them cleaned every two weeks. The idea of stripping the bed down and laundering your bed linen and blanket seems like a lot of work. Trust us, you won’t loathe it once you know the benefits.

Keep the Nasties at Bay

Your bedding may appear spotlessly clean to the naked eye. Here’s a fun fact: Humans shed about 500 million skin cells daily. Add perspiration, saliva, body oils, dirt, and pet dander into the mix. Sounds gross? Guess what, your bed linen is riddled with a plethora of microscopic critters that feed on these invisible nasties. If you don’t launder your sheets often enough, it can trigger allergies and cause skin problems like acne and rashes. How to kill off the pesky micro-organisms? Keep your bedding clean by washing them at high temperature.

Better Sleep Quality

Get rid of the funk and bring in the fresh. Clean, crisp bed linen is not only visually appealing, but it helps to improve your sleep. Fluffy pillows and good-quality mattress aside, fresh bedding makes your bed a whole lot comfier – resulting in a more restful sleep, so you’ll wake up feeling revitalised and ready to seize the day without the grogginess.  

Want to keep your sheets dirt-free in between washes? Here are a few simple care tips:

  • Don’t eat in bed. Cosying up in bed and snacking while watching Netflix sounds fun. However, the smallest spills and crumbs you leave behind can attract unwanted pests like ants. Plus, your sleep space will become a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • No pets rule. It feels reassuring to have your furry friend curling up next to you in bed. But the fur shedding and tracked dirt from outdoors are certainly not cute. By keeping your pets out of your bedroom, you are less susceptible to allergens and soiled bedding.
  • Don’t sit on the bed with outside clothes. Your outfit of the day may be spotless, but your clothes could have picked up germs all day long, in addition to accumulating sweat, dead skin cells, and body oils. It’s best to have a shower and change into clean clothes before diving into bed. After all, a good hygiene practice is vital for your overall health.

Sleep tight and sweet dreams!