sorting clothes

How do I sort my clothes?

Doing laundry is sometimes more complex than you might think, therefore this article 🙂

First things first, sort your laundry before washing. This will help your favourite items to live a long and happy life. But, how do I sort my big pile of laundry? Technically there are 3 main ways of sorting and if you follow them, you prevent your laundry from fading, shrinking or discolouring.

Sort based on colour
You can start making 3 piles based on light and dark colours. Whereas the first one could be your coloured pile, the second one your white pile and the third one your dark coloured pile. This will make it easy to wash them since you don’t have to worry that your pink sweater will make your white shirt turn into another colour!

Sort based on fabric
Besides the sortation based on colours, the fabric is also an important factor. If you match your red furry coat with a plain white tee, chances are there that you’ll find some red furry dots on your shirt. The same goes for certain delicate fabrics. If you take Kashmir for example, this is delicate and deserves some special attention when washing. Therefore, also sort your clothes based on fabrics!

Sort based on temperature
If you happen to have an option to select a temperature, make sure that you choose the right one. Besides that, not every item can handle the same degrees. Your jeans are not going to like that 60 degrees programme, whereas your towel would need that as a minimum.

In case you’re still not sure where a certain piece of clothing belongs, check the little tags inside your shirt. Usually they give you some helpful clues as to how to wash your clothes to keep them in the best condition.