How Good Is Steam Iron?

Ironing is an integral part of everyday laundry (yup, it’s not just washing and folding clothes). In fact, the idea of utilising heat to smooth out garment wrinkles has existed for centuries. Have you noticed that people who are dressed in ironed clothes look smarter? Perhaps this notion is deeply embedded in our psyche. Then again, it shows that one takes pride in his or her appearance, and wants to be taken seriously. Most of us probably own a steam iron that we use to iron our shirts, blouses, pants, et cetera, but what’s so great about this steamy operator? 

Keeps Your Clothes Looking Their Best

Donning perfectly pressed outfits is not only visually pleasing for OOTD (outfit of the day) shots, it makes the wearer feel good on the inside too (hello, instant confidence boost!). What does steam iron have to do with it? Besides removing stubborn wrinkles, a steam iron produces powerful steam to help set creases down your pants or the sleeves of your shirt for crisp and sharp results, just like the professional dry cleaners do. Ironing also keeps the linings intact, hence extending the life of your attires. 

Ironing Made Simpler

When it comes to steam iron versus garment steamer, the former reigns supreme in terms of affordability and user-friendliness. Depending on your brand choice, it does not cost an arm and a leg to own a good steam iron. Ideally, it requires a standard-sized ironing board to work its magic. Worry about space constraints? Opt for space-saving alternatives such as foldable tabletop ironing board and ironing blanket. Steam irons have evolved over hundreds of years since its creation. Today’s modern irons are way lighter, plus they are equipped with better features like ceramic, stainless steel, or non-stick soleplate, adjustable temperature controls, auto switch-off, and self-cleaning system to make ironing easier and stress-free. Furthermore, steam iron is favoured because of its ability to maneuver around the button area and into the corners of clothing. Hate dealing with messy wires? Get a cordless steam iron instead.

BONUS: Let’s face it, ironing is one of the least enjoyable household chores. Got a tall pile of clothes waiting to be pressed to perfection? Make your ironing task less tiresome with these awesome hacks:

  • Not everything needs to be ironed. Reduce your pile by excluding unnecessary items such as underwear, socks, bed sheets, and towels (does it really matter if they’re crumpled?). By doing so, you can complete your ironing chores in a fraction of the time.
  • Listen to music or catch up on your favourite TV shows. This helps to take away the humdrum of ironing. Don’t get too distracted though, or you’ll end up with burnt clothes.
  • Set a time limit. Be more productive – limiting each ironing session will motivate you to decrease your ironing pile in the least amount of time possible.

Don’t let your ironing pile grow. Invest in a top-notch steam iron and start setting things straight pronto!